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Older Vette Fans -- What is your favorite model and why?

Seeking opinions on Corvette models (C1-C5). Which models do you prefer and why? Thanks

The Sting Ray. Never liked the Corvette before or after that.

Agree; the one with the spit rearwindow. Although the styling aerodynamics made it a “bad airplane” according to auto engineers. The latest ones ar outright ugly!

I prefer the 58 through 72 year models even though that covers 3 generations.
Appearance wise the 63 through 67 models are the prettiest IMHO.

At one time I owned a 59 Corvette (until it met a tragic end against a Chevy truck) and I loved that car because it was pretty, a joy to drive, stuck to the road like glue, and got 21 MPG at a 70 MPH cruise even with a 4:11 gear set in the rear.

I think the 1961-1962 C1s were the best looking of the earlier Corvettes. I much prefer the earlier, exposed double headlights. I also prefer the C2-type rear end found on the last 2 years of the C1. Now, if you’re talking about handling and speed, get the latest model you can.

Who can tell me when GM started making the Corvettes with fiberglas bodies?

Whoops. My vote also goes to the Sting Ray.

Why? Just cause it looks cool and sleek.

That would be from the first 1953 models. Pretty high tech stuff for the times.

I always loved the 58 and 60 models…owned a 79 with optional L82, 4 speed, spoilers, in baby blue…
The early 53 vette was cobbled together with truck suspension parts, and other stuff already in the system…but they managed to give it a distinctive look for sure…

1967 Roadster, 350/350 4-speed. A very sweet car…

If you want to hear something heartbreaking and also related to some of the world’s dumbest crooks consider what happened just outside town here about 2 years ago.
Gas was well over 3 bucks a gallon and a couple of thieves out on a dirt road decided to steal some gasoline out of a farm building since no one was at home.

Inside the barn was a 2 ton bobtail, a late model pickup, an old car, some ATVs, and a 67 Vette Roadster with a 427.
These guys were cleaning house on siphoning gasoline (very easy since the bobtail was a gas rig) and one of them made a last ditch effort to make sure they got all of the gasoline out.

Since there was no light inside the barn one of the thieves decided a cigarette lighter would work just fine as a light source.
The ensuing fire from this boneheaded move took out the barn and all of its contents, including the Vette, for a total loss of over 200k dollars.

Ahh Geezuz.
That’s plain sad.

I hope they at least caught the idiots.

Thanks for your reply to my previous query OK. That was one thing GM didn’t screw up over the years. One of those ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ things eh?

SHOOT’EM! Hangin’s too good for them gasoline-stealing-Vette-killin’ varmits!

Yes, they caught both of the guys who also received burns in the fire. They were listed in the local paper as being charged with Second Degree Arson but I have no idea what the disposition of the charges were.
Knowing the local DA here, it was probably a slap on the wrist with a promise not to do it again.

Apparently one of them wanted to use a lighter to look down inside the side saddle tank on the bobtail and make sure they got all of the gas out.
Guess there’s a life lesson there… :-{

I like the '57, fuel injected, last year for the single headlights.
I like the '62, back end like the '63 Stingray but front end like the '61.
I like the '65 with the 396, only year with a 396.
I like the '72 with the 454, (460 hp?).

My boss at the gas station had a '67 roadster with a 427, factory side pipes. That’s my favorite looker, by far. But for owning and driving, the newer the better.