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Best car to practice flute in?

Anyone have an opinion on which is the best car (or van/suv/etc.) to practice a musical instrument?

I play flute, so I don’t need a lot of space, but the sound does project, and the instruments sticks out to the right side.

Considerations - would like to be able to set up a music stand in front of where I’d sit, sit in an existing seat, or with seats folded for max cargo area, sit in a folding chair.

Also, would like to be able to keep warm in winter and cool in summer when parked. Is there any car with heating or a/c that can run even when the car is parked? (and the battery survives?)

Not interested in an RV, but maybe a van conversion?

Best gas mileage to go along with this?

i am sorry, but this question has exceeded my skill set.

no reasonable suggestions. sorry!

Honda Element.
You will have to run the engine while parked to have Heat or A/C in any car

A minivan in a windowless cargo configuration would probably work best acoustically and mileage-wise. If you’ll have a place to plug in, you can get add-on heaters and AC units, but if you can’t plug in you’ll need a generator, in which case you’re probably better off leaving the engine running.

We specialize in vehicles to be used for transportation rather than as mobile musical recital halls. Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply drive to a suitable indoor practice area? A local school, community college, stadium, or YMCA with evening hours and spare classrooms? That’s what other musicians do. What if you ever want to switch to tuba?

To keep it warm in the winter there are aftermarket systems to circulate the coolant with the engine off. They have a feature that turns it off if the battery gets low. They are aimed at the truck and limo industries.

I would recommend a T.B.M. (tunnel boreing machine)there’s one buried in chunnel.prob very cheap.

If you were to switch to a piccolo, maybe a Prius would do.

Or, switch to a harmonica and get yourself a Mini.

Just a thought.

in that case just get a Kenworth thikin 50 footer and go to the drums. double sleeper cab of course.

awe common’ you could get two harmonicas in a mini!

The best car to practice a flute in would definately be a parked car. A flute is definately a two handed instrument and we wouldn’t want to see you steering with your knees while practicing your flute concerto during rush hour.

You just need a little creativity and lots of duct tape and…

Thanks for the lol