Need small car with big cargo space

Hi! I live in Seattle, drive 30+ miles daily to work. I need a small car or SUV, easy to park, good gas mileage (30 highway mpg would be lovely). BUT I have 2 teenage drivers, one of whom has a 3/4 stand up base (think Charles Mingus) that we need to haul occasionally. I tried the car search, there were too many answers! Any suggestions?

Sooner, Rather Than Later, You And Your Teenagers Are Going To Need Another Car Or Two.

Save your little car for the commute. Get something bigger for a Charles Mingus base, or is it a bass? Who in the heck is Charles Mingus? Your “one car” days are drawing to a close. You might as well face it, now.


Posted By Rebeldevil:
Any small hatchback should do the job quite well. If it were my money I’d suggest the Nissan Versa. It’s nice to drive, has lots of space and is good on gas. It’s also cheaper than the equivalent Toyota Yaris and built better than the Chevy Aveo.

I recommend a RAV4

I have a Honda Fit I’ve been thoroughly impressed with in terms of hauling capacity (given its size). I’d highly recommend your considering one of those.