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Honda accord 2010 brake pads and rotors

I would like suggestions on replacement rotors and pads for my Honda accord. it seems everytime i need replacements the rotors always need to be replaced. Is there a better quality brake and rotor i can use such as Wagner’s or Bremo’s ??

Are you replacing the pads yourself? If so, replacing the rotors at the same time is cost effective IMO. I do that because I would have to take the rotors someplace for machining, and the rotors are about $50 apiece. Loss of the car for a day and the hassle makes replacement attractive.

If your rotors are scored, they have to be replaced. This would occur if you didn’t change the pads until they are completely worn away.

If you have a shop do the brakes, ask them why they recommend replacement rather than resurfacing.

If you care at all about noise, I highly advise you to buy genuine Honda brake pads and rotors

Wagner Thermoquiet brake pads are a cruel joke . . . I’ve had NOTHING but noise problems with them

I have had virtually zero noise problems with factory brakes

I’ll add something else . . . if your car did not originally come with ceramic brake pads, do NOT switch to ceramic. Some of them have been known to eat up the rotors, and naturally make a lot of noise while they’re doing so

I’ve had some luck with centric, as far as longevity and lack of noise goes, if you’re determined to not buy genuine Honda parts

I find noisey brakes unacceptable in anything less than a large commercial vehicle with air brakes, but that’s just me :smirk:

Raybestos Enhanced Hybrid Technology pads with Raybestos Advanced Technology rotors seem to be a very good combination. Not as cheap as Wagner and Centric but they work well, last well on my Japanese cars, and don’t rust much. Check the OEM rotors and pads as well. If the Raybestos don’t save you much money then go OEM.

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I am having a friend replace them for me. I brought to a shop they charged me 46 for looking at the brakes. The rotors have hotspots on them. I do alot of highway driving but do a considerable stop and go on highway due to backups. I current ones are from autozone and don’t seem to last long. i am getting tired of replacing the rotors everytime i need brakes.

Thanks for the reply, I am an everyday driver to work back and forth. I drive 70 miles a day mainly highway but a lot of backups on highway cause me to stop more. I am looking for a quality rotor that will last beyond a single use say 25k miles a year

The reason the rotors are replaced at each brake job is, the manufacturers are trying to shed weight from vehicles where ever they can. And one of these places are the rotors.

So the rotors aren’t as thick as they use to be where enough meat is left to turn them.

Also, it can be difficult to get the proper surface on the turned rotor where brake noise doesn’t occur.

So instead reusing the old rotors where they may warp or cause brake noise, they’re replaced.

I’ve installed CarQuest brake parts for many years in all kinds of vehicles and never had a problem with them.

I just make sure that they meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications.


Thanks for the reply

how many miles have you been getting between brake replacement. 2008, 2009, and some early 2010 accords eat rear brake pads.