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Best 4x4 pickup for me

I’m looking to upgrade my 1991 Chevy 1500 4x4 and I’m looking for advice on what to buy.

I’ve only got, at maximum, $13,000 to spend and I live in Montana. I’m looking for pickup primarily for hunting and occasionally towing a light trailer (fishing raft, sail boat). I really want a 4x4 for getting around in the mountains.

I don’t think I can finance anything older than a 2001. Banks don’t like to finance older cars, it seems.

I’d like an extended cab just to have some storage space/security inside the rig. The Tacoma seems like a perfect rig, but good luck finding one in that price range that doesn’t have a gazillion miles on it.

I’ve entertained the idea of the Ford Rangers and Dodge Dakotas. S-10s seem to have issues. I like the Tundra access cabs. The Chevy 1500s are pretty nice. I’ve got NO experience with Ford. My experience with Chrysler products is less than ideal.

Where/what should I be looking for? The Toyota trucks seem like they last forever. The Chevy and Fords seem to have more problems.

Consider this an open thread to debate the pros and cons of the various pickups circa 2001-2005.

My cousin is happy with her Nissan Frontier. If you have support for Nissan near you, the 2004 and earlier crew cabs will easily meet you price. A supercharged SC V6 long bed is under $12,000 near me.

It really depends upon the use you will give it. If you genuinely go off road and do light towing, there are few as capable as a Tacoma or older and smaller Tundra. If you plow, I would recommend Chevy. Though I’m not a Chrysler fan, I have friends that have gotten excellent service from the Dakota. IMO, a solid choice is the F150.

At 13k, so much depends upon condition, I would look for the best deal in a compact from Toyota and Nissan if that’s where you are headed and the best full size deal from Ford, Chevy/GMC, Toyota and Nissan.