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Beeping Question

My husband have been talking about the meaning of the beeps when you turn the battery on, but before you start the car. He said it’s a system check and that you shouldn’t start the car until the beeps have stopped. I had heard to wait until the fuel pump to start the car, but never really paid attention to the beeps. What exactly do the beeps mean, and will you do damage the car by starting it before they stop? Thanks!

The Beeps Indicate That The Owner Needs To Spend Time Becoming More Familiar With The Contents Of The Owner’s Manual.


…but that requires reaching a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l the way over to the right side of the instrument panel in order to open the glove box. Isn’t it more appropriate to ask random strangers (who may or may not be correct) for the answer, rather than opening the glove box and reading the manual?

Just turn the key and go