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Beep sounds while driving

Can some help me to understand why am i hearing beep sounds while i’m driving my toyota yaris 1.3 vvti 2008 porta navi?? This is my first time to hear this kind of beeps and it’s anoying while im driving. Thanks

If your car has a message screen it may tell you. On my non-Toyota vehicle it will flash a message where the odometer is then return to miles. In my case it is usually ‘trunk is ajar’…

If it is happening frequently enough…stop by the dealer and let them hear it.


Write down a list of all the things that can cause a beep on your car. On my Corolla the list would go like this

  • Door ajar & headlights on
  • Key in “on” and seatbelts not fastened.
  • etc

Once you got that list for you car, you can start narrowing it down. For example if you think it might be the door ajar, see if turning off the headlights fixes it. Often a beep is associated w/a warning light on the dash, overheating for example, so double check all those dash warning lamp bulbs work when the key is “on” but before the engine starts. They should all be lit up then.