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Bearings for rear wheels - Safety Margin

92 Subaru Legacy straight stick. 220K miles. Well maintained. Had both front bearings replaced at 190k because one wheel made the grinding noise. Cost me $620 and of that $390 was labor. I would like to keep driving this car for a while and not change the rear bearings until if and when. Any thoughts? Would my worse safety case be about equal to getting a rear flat? And what noises/signs could I check with the wheel off the ground and turning by hand, etc.?

As you did with the front, replace the bearings when they need to be replaced. You may never need to replace them. You may need to replace them tomorrow at 3:30 pm.

I would ask that they be checked any time you replaced brakes. These are the type of thing that you generally don’t replace them until there is a need.

I chuckle at how many posts we get asking for advice but never one asking if their car qualifies as being “well maintained” . People seem to be able to make that call without help

I base that on every maintenance, repair and replacement record in my folder, so I don’t need to ask. On the rack and oil change/check out every 2500 miles for 18 years. Best car I ever owned. Still cruises at 80 mph for 450 miles straight and gets 30 mph and no temp gauge movement doing it. So chuckle away.

Horse, my comment was not intended solely for you, no disrespect intended but so many people think all that is required to be “well maintained” is those oil changes, and you even mentioned the oil change interval. I say if you can make the call that a car is well maintained you can make most of the others.