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2015 Subaru Legacy - Wheel bearings

We are needing to replace both back wheel bearings at 71,200 miles. No incidents have occurred to cause this problem.

OK, just go right ahead and replace them and drive on. Yes, this is a bit early for any car but there it is. What was your question?

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We see more questions here about worn rear Subaru wheel bearings than all other brands put together, it seems. It’s not unusual.

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We have owned three Subarus. Two out of the three have required us to replace at least one wheel bearing. Kinda goes with the territory, I guess.

Drive through any somewhat deep rainwater at times? That can take out bearings when water leeches into the bearings. Same principle as when boat trailers lose a wheel.

what are the symptoms?

A grinding noise from the back area of the car.