Subaru wheel bearings


I replaced the rear wheel bearings on my 2005 Subaru Outback in December (45,000 miles). After hearing that suspicious noise again, I’ve learned that the front wheel bearing need replacement. What’s going on??? MY dealer says it’s because of all the potholes, etc. My friends think I got a lemon. Any ideas?


i was snooping around for info on subaru wheel bearings.

i was amazed at the problems they have had over the past 10 years.

did you replace your own rear bearings? if so; did you clean out the grease they come with, and pack then with the correct grease?

although the typical bearing failures were around '99 it is possible you got a bad set. have you had this car since new? have you had any front end work done (cv joints, boots etc) if so these may have dislodged the boot, letting in water.

most of the earlier subarus lost bearings at 30k or so. so although i don’t see a correlation year wise, it is possible you have a bad bunch of bearings.

if the bearings aren’t pressed in correctly and then tightened correctly it can lead to premature failure. (this would seem the most likely source of problem to me)


It could be a balance of things. You may want to inquire with corporate Subaru to cover all or part of the replacement. If your a regular dealer customer they typically will repair things just out of warranty unless abuse or lack maintenance is apparent.