BBB arbitration

my new car has a problem, there is also sound files of the engine noise, which can be found through this link: http://myg…rt-up.html

An arbitration hearing with the BBB was schedule, anyone have any opinion on this matter?

why are you filing with the BBB and not taking full advantage of that new car warranty?

What happened when you told the dealer about this problem?

Also, is this a new car, or just new to you?

What brand, model and year car?

Here’s what I think:

You bought a new G37 and it had a noise. You took it to the dealer and nothing happened. Then you called the BBB? The only reason I can see that you would do something like that is if you feel you were scammed. Were you? Also, what is “Easter Oil”?

probably some snake oil they sold him to make him feel better

As far as I know BBB may act as an arbitrator, and make may positive or negative recommendation but not a legal court of law, thus not allowing a proof of guilt or damages. I choose not to join the forum to hear your noise, what car is it how old how many miles, what have you heard I assume from a dealer under warranty as far as the problem that now you have to go to BBB?

the car is a 2008 Infiniti G37 coupe that I brought new (I am the first owner with 18 miles from the dealer), the dealer called their tech line which responded that the noise is “acceptable” because it happened for just 1 second. I have paper work from them as proof of what they said. They’re going the way of saying this noise is normal.

here is a video I put on youtube:

you can hear the distinct ‘crack’ just like when some engine just received an oil change and being start up for the first time. this started when the car has only several hundred miles on it, it now has 6300 miles.

you’re absolutely correct GSN fan! I am thinking of getting a mechanic and have a third opinion and evidence for the hearing. and my other option would be calling the 24 hrs road side assistance, have it towed to the dealer because I am afraid to drive it?!

you’re right bscar… Ester Oil is a Nissan patented oil which was formulated to use with the new VVEL engines (runs like $17/quart), but was NOT required to be use for warranty purposes (5w-30 is the recommended oil, NOT using Ester Oil WON’T void warranty). The reason being that the new engines have a valve system that requires the oil to bond (with ‘diamond coating’) to certain parts for ‘more’ protection. Which begs the question of adequate lubrication flow, which I think, that is why some engine like mine makes that noise?!