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1998 Maxima won't start suddenly

Car has 98000 miles, and never a problem. Today it makes clicking and popping noises when I try to start it, and the battery drains. Charged the battery and even tried to start using the charger for a jump, no change.

Replaced the starter, because I know how to do that, and same problem. Seems like there is a short, if the battery is draining, but I don’t know where.


When you changed the starter did you remove/clean and replace wrench tight ALL battery cable connections?

Note: If the battery charger does NOT have battery boost capability it won’t help.

Is this the original battery? If so, its life cycle is over. MOST are good for 5 years.

I have a deep cycle battery I use in my travel trailer that will not HOLD a charge anymore. Even after three days, I unplugged the charger and watched the meter needle drop right off immediately.

I spotted a purchase dated sticker on the top and noticed it is as old as the trailer (8 years). Time for a new battery.

The connections are clean and tight. And the battery charger has the boost capability.

That is why I went the starter route to begin with. I figured if the charger could not start it, then the battery must be fine.

However, the battery is about 5 years old. When I do hook the charger up to it, it hardly draws - even though it is dead. Probably a sign that it may be permanently dead.

Is it possible that the battery could be so dead that it could sap the current from the charger and keep it from turning the engine over? I had not charged it very long, as it was not drawing much.