My 1996 maxima will not start

I noticed over the past week my battery seemed to be getting week. This morning after making my rounds I tried to start the car and it barely turned over but not enough to start. I continued trying to turn it over and it would turn but not start. After a few times at this the starter would not turn the engine at all. I finally had a friend come and use the jumper cables and it still would not even try to turn. I bought a new battery and after installing, I have lights and all signals with ignition switch on but still nothing from the starter… The car is sitting in town in a parking lot and I dont know where to begin… starter? fuse? Solinoid Switch? thoughts?

Check ignition the starter relay clicking when you try to start? You can swap relay with another and try. Check cables for corrosion. Your terminals and cables and ground should be checked.You can jump the solenoid with a screwdriver to rule it out. Sparks are fun! Just kidding be carefull. Google it. Do the lights die when you try to start?

yes, I get the click when I try to start but no turn at all and I have put in a brand new battery. there is no corrosion on the cables. I went through all the fuses and they all seem to be fine.

I would be looking at that relay.