What do You Think of My Battery Test Results?

How low is it okay to let it go before needing a new battery?
Could I expect a few more months or years out of it?
The test is giving 270CCA (according to Jiffy Lube), rating is 500.

Why take a chance that the battery fails at the worst possible time . Just get a new one while you can drive to the place.

You should be good until next winter. It doesn’t take many cranking amps to get a car started in the summer. I wouldn’t go into another winter with that.


The voltage should be 12.5-12.7

The measured CCA’s is almost half of the rated CCA’s.

Time for a new battery.


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Well I checked my lawn mower battery last week and it was at 280 CCA with a rating of 270, so its ok. My cars are rated at 600 plus and both of them test in the 700 CCA a few weeks ago. So yours is less than 50% of what it should be-so failing fast. If you want to continue to use it for a few weeks, take along a jump pack with you or stay within walking distance of home. A jump from a truck will cost about half of what it would for a new battery.

My daughters went down to 65cca, I noticed it was cranking slow, took her car and got a new battery. _t was august and she would need more cca for the winter. Sure you can live on for a bit, but you are avoiding the inevitable battery replacement,and yes over the life of things you might push the cost own a few years but is it worth it? if yes live on bro, if no get a new battery.

Okay, good to know. Sound like I could get away with it a bit longer, but I may not, and then am stuck in a parking lot and have to pay a lot more for a battery from AAA. Will go ahead and get a new one. Thanks!


That seems like a good plan OP :slight_smile:

Age of the battery, climate and driving pattern.
Three important bits of info I’d need to make a meaningful recommendation.

Maybe you could explain that a little how a low voltage rating and low CCA would not indicate the health of the battery? I assume Lafayette, IN though which would mean cold winters and hot summers. Also a Honda battery, likely.