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IS my Car Battery still good? Mixed test results

Couldn’t get the car started on a Cold Day here in Canada. So I went into the Canadian Tire and checked my Car Battery on their charging Station. It did a test to start with and said the battery was good. And just needed charging - so I charged it for 20 mins.
Unplugged and Plugged it again to see what the test said and again it said good battery but it said it still needed charging. Only it wouldn’t charge and instead said Battery too Hot.
Also the person there said the CCA was showing 2416 - so they think the battery is bad… but the test said the battery is good.
Put the battery back in the car after charging and it started the car. Should I change my Battery??
The Car is a KIA Soul 2011 2.0. The Battery seems to be the original from the manufacturer, the brand is Global Rocket.
Thanks in Advance

The battery is at least 5 years old and you are in Canada where I am told it gets really cold. Just get a new really good battery before it too late.


I’m in a similar situation right now. One of my motorcycles doesn’t start up in the morning, and I have to push-start it. When I plug it into a smart trickle charger, it tests the battery and tells me it is fine with a green light. It isn’t fine though, and the battery is telling me, so I’m going to replace it. You should do the same.

CCA 2416??? My 2010 Kia Forte’s factory battery was rated at 600 CCA. I was having it dealer serviced shortly after it’s 6th birthday. I asked if they could load test the battery even though I had no problems. It tested 440 CCA so I had it replaced.

Sounds like the battery has nothing but a surface charge. Makes it look kind-of OK but it has no real capacity. You got your life out of it. Buy a new one and reduce your stress - at least until you get a foot of snow. Canada, after all… :wink:

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If necessary:

If it is the original battery for a 5 year old car it is probably worn out and needs to be replaced. I’d say that’s a definite for a warm climate. But in colder climates like yours sometimes batteries can last considerably longer than 5 years, so if you feel lucky, it is probably worth a try to properly charge it and see if that resolves the problem. When you say you couldn’t start the car I presume it was a “fail to crank”, you didn’t get that normal rr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start”, right? If it cranks ok, but won’t pop and run, that isn’t typically a battery problem.

Charging a battery correctly takes much longer than 20 minutes. It’s usually an overnight affair. Batteries hold about 60 amp-hours of charge. If you charge at a 6 amps rate, that takes 10 hours. 6 amps x 10 hours = 60 amp-hours. Usually when a no-crank occurs the battery isn’t totally dead, it still is maybe half charged. I usually charge at 2 amps overnight when I charge my Corolla’s battery. The lower the charging rate, the less damage it does to the battery. You’ll need your own battery charger to do this obviously; they are pretty reasonably priced, around $50.

BTW, the first thing to do for no-cranks is to clean the battery posts and connectors and make sure the connections are tight. Sometimes when the weather turns cold the connections get a little loose. If the battery is properly charged and tests good, and it still fails to crank, post back. That’s a common problem and something we see here quite frequently.

Yes it was just dead. The car has a push button start so it wouldn’t work. In fact nothing would… not even the fob to enter the car which makes me think something was on and drained the battery. I think i’m not going to take any chances and just replace it.

Thanks for the tips though.

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