Battery replaced in 2004 Concorde

Once the battery was replaced, started having problems with radio. When radio is turned on , crackling and popping sounds coming from speakers.

My guess-some wire was broken during battery replacement, resulting in intermittent connection. Or a connection is loose somewhere. Check all the wires that were moved around during battery replacement, including the battery cables. The can corrode internally.


Wouldnt be the first time a radio has been blown out after changing the battery .

Thanks, I will look into that

If connection between battery and alternator has higher than normal resistance somewhere, this can cause emi from the alternator, and noisy radio audio, especially on the AM band. Make sure that’s a good connection, both for the power and the ground. Since only battery was replaced, common sense says to check the connections at the battery posts first. Perhaps battery posts & connectors were not cleaned with battery tool prior to connecting.

I’m thinking about the security code if you have the original radio. Usually that kind won’t work at all if the battery gets disconnected unless you enter the code.


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