Radio problem after water pump replacement

We just had our water pump replaced on our 2005 T&C. Now the radio does not work. It appears to work, but there is no sound. New battery about 3 weeks ago. Radio worked fine until water pump was replaced. Any thoughts?

If your battery was disconnected for an extended period of time while your car was being worked on, the radio may have gone into a theft mode and locked. Check the car or radio manual to see if it has this feature.

They said the battery was NOT disconnected during this work. That is what the mechanic thought (possible theft mode) when I told him WE had replaced our battery 3 weeks earlier. BUT, we have had NO problems with the radio until the pump was replaced. Checking the manual…thanks.

Check the fuses.

I agree about checking the fuses under the dash and the hood area. If they are good then I would suspect a bad connection at the back of the radio. If you have the premium sound system there may be powered speakers in the doors. They require DC power for the amplifiers built into them.

The main radio fuse is good (DH pulled it and everything went dead for radio). Right now, it appears to play, shows the station call number, etc., but no sound. Speakers are located in the dash and on the door. (T&C Touring model) Mechanic says to give him a chance to figure it out. Husband is VERY mechanical, will check radio connection. BTW, I tried to play a CD. It plays it (counter for song begins) but again, no sound. Funny thing, when I hit eject, it shows radio call numbers, then, hit eject, shows DVD on the screen, then finally, on the third try, it ejects the CD.

I don’t think those dots connect. The radio just decided, independently, to retire, or, someone set the MUTE.

I agree…it all sounds odd. We LOOKED ALL OVER for a MUTE button (thinking the same thing as hellokit). There isn’t one. The only thing I know is, it worked before we dropped it off for repair work and after picking it up, it does not work/there is no sound.

Answer: Head banging tech decided to eat lunch in your T&C. Cranked up heavy metal music and blew the power amp. Talk to the shop owner. He’ll realize that Johnny Stoner was seen moving the van around and “connect the dots” …spank Johnny …and have him fix the problem.

Actually, my husband did wonder if someone cranked the music up! But thanks, your post made me laugh in a definite head banging situation. Sadly, it’s my head and not Johnny Stoner’s… Seriously, though, would the radio light up (showing the station call numbers) if the power amp were blown?