Battery problem?

i driver a 06 impala SS. i went to drive it sat night, but when i hit the unlock button the doors didn’t open and the lights were dim. i tried to start it and it clicked as it would trying to start it. I figured it needed jumped, but had to be somewhere we took my wife’s car. The next day we tried to jump it and the car wouldn’t even click or turn over. There was no electricity in the vehicle at all. I tried to remove the key and it will not come out now. Also i could not get the car to shift out of park either. i tried charging the battery but it didn’t seem to charge. I’m not sure if i did something wrong, but i am out of ideas on what to do. can someone help me please? Thanks in advanced

You have a fried battery, A new one I think will solve your problems.

I assume that you have not replaced the battery on this car before. After 3 or 4 years, it could be the battery. You can buy a replacement for less than $100 at an auto supply store, warehouse store, or big box retailer. It isn’t difficult to replace it yourself. If it turns out that it is not the battery, then you haven’t lost much, since it would probably malfunction soon anyway.

But I do agree that the battery is likely the problem.