2002 Impala won't start

Hello everyone,
I have a 2002 impala that has occasionally not started. The problem started a couple months ago, once it started getting cold here in the midwest. Every few weeks when I turned the key, nothing would happen. It only happened occasionally, and after waiting a bit it would start normally. I did some reading and suspected it was the anti theft locking the car down. Today I tried jumping the car just to be sure it wasnt the battery, and all of the electronics were very dim. I heard a rapid clicking noise from the dash that continued even after I removed the key. The headlights were rapidly flashing, although also very dim. This continued for about a minute before stopping. I tried letting the battery charge from the jump for about 10 minutes, no change. Of course its saturday so every dealership is closed, so I am reaching out to you all for some advice. Where do I go from here?

Sounds like a diminished battery or bad connections on the battery for dimming lights and the clicking sound. Jumping a battery doesn’t really do much a lot of the time. It would be best to put a charger on it and/or check the voltage wtih a volt meter. When batteries get low, or connections get corroded, strange electrical things can happen.