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Battery Power Consumption

I have GMC ENVOY DENALI 2005 Canadian Made

the mentioned problem, I am suffering from last 1 month.

if I put the car on the parking for more than 12 hours, the car consumes battery to nill

I have already done a through check with the electric they say all the connections ans fues are OK

Do you have any kids toys, dvds, or other stuff plugged in to the power outlets? some of the outlets stay ON when the key is off.

If you are certain you have nothing plugged in: although this would take potentially a week to do, remove one fuse at a time from the fuse box. wait for a day, then try to start it. then replace that fuse, then remove another one. eventually you will find the fuse link that will shut off whatever is draining the system. Just remember, you have to reinstall the fuse before driving away each time!

Have you installed any aftermarket items? Boom box, sub woofer? amp? alarm system? remote starter? what has changed ion the last two months since this has started to happen? when was it in the shop last (prior to this starting?) what was done? has it been in an accident recently?

Is it the original battery? If so, the battery is 5 years old and may need replacing. Have the battery load tested to verify its condition.

Ed B.

they say all the connections ans fues are OK

Yea, but connections and fuses would not cause this problem, in fact they might prevent you from knowing about the problem. You need to or have someone check for loads on the system. We also should know what the voltage is before you start the engine, while the engine is running and after it is shut off.

Yes, I have the Navigation system with built-in DVD player,plus screens for the back seaters also reverse camera , but all these are there for a long time, this problem started recently,

One of the car electrician said that there is a problem in the second fues box installed under the passenger seat, which causing the derange of the battery

We own a 2007 Yukon Denali that had the exact same problem. The cause was due to the retractable running board control module. The is a technical Service Bulletin on it. Unfortunately I do not have the number. Once the dealer replaced it everything worked fine.