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Need Help - Dealer Can't Figure It Out after 6 Visits and $4,000 in Repairs - Yukon XL

Hi everyone,

First time poster.

I’m having a lot of issues with my 2010 GMC Yukon XL Denali. I’ve taken it to 2 different GM dealerships multiple times and every fix they do does not fix the problem.

2010 GMC Yukon XL Denali
122,662 miles
I’m the original owner
I have kept up with all maintenance, including just recently completing GMs 100K service
For years, I have used E85 and have now switched back to premium conventional gasoline

For the past 10 months, I get this very strange intermittent issue that comes up while driving:
Vehicle starts hesitating
Difficult to accelerate
Engine light is on
ABS light is on
Traction control light is on
Service stabilitrak - text on display
Service traction control - text on display
Park assist off - text on display
Door locks lock and unlock on their own
Transmission will not shift

When this issue is occurring when I’m not driving, it results in the car being unable to start. And I mean totally dead usually. No lights, no sounds no turnover of the engine. After turning the ignition anywhere from 10 to 30 times with nothing happening, I may be lucky to get it to start, but sometimes it will die out again, or allow me to drive it with all of the issues above.

The dealerships have not been able to figure it out.

They have replaced the body control module, battery cables, suspension control module, and now it is back there again where they are going to replace the ignition switch, but with no guarantees on if this will fix it and they were clear on telling me that they have never seen anything like this. I’m approaching $4000 in Repairs with no solution.

I do have to say though that after replacing the suspension control module, the symptoms are not as severe, but still mostly exist.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much in advance.


Battery/alternator checked?

What codes do you get when the CEL illuminates, and have they changed over this part replacement odyssey?

Battery was checked and serviced 2 months ago during 100K service. No issues identified.

Current code is U2100. All others went to history after shutting the car down and starting it again. I just don’t have record of what those were.

This car has this issue come up about once per week. At other times, it drives absolutely flawlessly.

When I drove a school bus we had 4 Chevy Suburbans with Stabiltrack and for the whole life of these vehicles we would have random no starts, ubable to lock or sometimes unlock tje doors, abs problems, with accompaning lights for stability control and traction control. The only thing all these problems had in common was that the Stabilitrck light was on. These things also had the worst ABS brakes I have ever seen. Sometimes at very low speeds on a dry road (10 mph or so) they would just buzz and refuse to stop. Once when someone ran a red light directly in front of me when I was on a 55 mph road and when I hit the brakes and all 4 wheels locked up and I spun on a dry road!

We had our own mechanics and every time we wrote one up, they would work on it until the problems went away but they always returned. I had a friend with a Silverado who was exiting a parking lot at low speed with a car ahead of him. When he went to stop behind that car he heard the ABS buzzing and rear ended the car.

Obviously, they don
t all do that or there would have been a massive recall. My son in law has had Chevy oickups for 30 year and never had these problems.