No dash lights, No start, new battery

2011 Yukon Denali. No dash lights or start when key turns. Going to look at fuses, but Im thinkin ignition switch isnt even being registered. Oh, and they took battery to autozone and battery is good. 12.4v. Dont know bout CCA but to be fair the dash lights should come on with even a weak battery. Going to go see it tomorrow!

Dont know if front headlights work. I know thats the next question :sweat_smile:

No my next question is are you starting a new mechanic service and asking for help on every service call before you even go look at the vehicle??


I think he’s buying junk cars and trying to fix and sell them

2005 VW Jetta
2011 Yukon Denali.
2007 Ford Escape
2005 Acura mdx

And wants our thoughts on a scanner -2023 maxisys Ultra Lite

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Someone is in over their head and has no business working on other peoples vehicles.


I was more just enjoying car talk and helping out some friends but I see Im in the wrong place. Ill leave.

@medicaljohnny_184484 Don’t leave. I have learned when I can help.and when I am over my head.
Example when I could help: A friend had a Ford Pinto station wagon. When we took our coffee break, he was upset that his Pinto was not shifting properly and it was idling roughly. I thought about it during coffee and it occured to me that the automatic transmission on the Pinto had vacuum modulator. We went to the parking lot and found the vacuum hose to the modulator had deteriorated and was no longer connected to the base of the carburetor. Easy fix.
Example when I couldn’t help: A friend called me and couldn’t get her Prius started and would I come and jump start the car. I threw in my jumper cables and voltmeter. I tried to jump the 12 volt battery with no success. I measured the voltage at the battery and it was about 8 volts. She wanted to go to an auto parts store and buy a new battery. She had just driven into town from her home 20 miles away. I thought something might have gone wrong with the charging system on her Prius and she had only been in town for an hour. She was in a hurry to get back home for a birthday party for her grandson that she was hosting. I told her to have the Prius towed to the dealer and take my Sienna back to her house. This is what she did. The problem did turn out to be the small battery on the Prius, but I wasn’t about to throw parts at the car.
I did read up on how the 12 volt battery is charged on the Prius after the incident because I was curious. The Prius uses an inverter/converter system from the high voltage battery. There is no alternator. However, I still wouldn’t advise a person about a problem with a Prius. However, if you have a two stroke LawnBoy mower made in the 1950s, I feel confident I can tell you what is wrong and fix it.

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