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Battery for Honda Accord 2003 V6

Any suggestions for model/brand of a new battery for a 2003 Accord V6? It currently has the original, with 100,000 miles.

How difficult or easy is it to install the new battery?

Costco’s Kirkland brands are top quality and they will have a battery for your car at about $70 or so. Same as Sears Diehard at little over 1/2 the price. It’s easy to install a battery, but get soemone who knows how to help you, to avoid mistakes.

When I was overseas, my wife’s battery packed it in and she bought one at Costco and had a retired neighbor help her install it.

Walmart’s are fine, too. And the cost to install is usually low, so while it’s simple, it’s not worth the trouble to me to carry it home, install it, then carry back the old one for the core charge.

Consumer Reports magazine recently tested lots of batteries. There were several really good ones at reasonable prices.

Make sure you have the security code for the radio if you replace the battery yourself. The radio will not work afterward unless you have the code.

There’s a little device that plugs into the lighter socket to maintain current to the radio during battery removal. This makes it much simpler.

Is that little battery thingy just to keep the radio memory? I read somewhere,maybe here,that if you just disconnect the car battery on newer vehicles without supplying power to the disconnected VEHICLE battery connectors,you might damage the cars electronics not just the radio.