2015 Honda Accord Sdn - Best battery

Any suggestion on the best battery to buy for my Accord 2015 sedan? Thanks so much

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I vote for the one AAA brings and installs in your driveway.


I vote for the one with the most CCA

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Any battery place will use a chart to find what your vehicle calls for. There only a few places that make batteries and they put different labels on them . Go to the Walmart web site and you can see what batteries fit your car and I think they install for free .


Grab the one from the back of the battery rack as it’s the freshest one.

The one in front may have been sitting on the rack for months.




Mind reader! Lol I do that always

I’m partial to Delco myself. My Honda/Acura batteries never seemed to be that great. The last Delco I bought I asked the counter guy how old they were and he said they get two shipments a day so not much dust collects. I won’t do Walmart anymore, just because I don’t like either the stores or the batteries. Who knows anymore who makes them.

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There are three major battery manufactures however they offer many different levels of quality.

Consumer Reports tested 150 automotive batteries in this years test, if there were only 3 batteries available they would have only tested 3.

Best Car Batteries of 2021 - Consumer Reports

Any retailer or dealer that stocks a 2 or 3 month supply of batteries is not managing their inventory properly. We sell perhaps fifteen group 24 batteries each week, with a delivery from the distributer each week there is no reason to stock more than 25 to 30.

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I prefer batteries that have removable caps, so I can test the state of charge in each cell if there is a battery problem. They are no longer the most common design.

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I’ll second John’s recommendation above. AAA’s batteries are made by East Penn manufacturing and are good quality.

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a lot of no maintenance batteries have plugs under the top sticker. peel the sticker back and you can get the plugs out with a small screwdriver.

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Nobody bothers with hydrometers anymore.

Their choice. I used mine last week before and after charging a battery. Before and after it had a low state of charge in every cell. That made it easy to decide to get a new battery.

I’ve said this before: Aside from the antique reproduction in my collector car, I haven’t seen removable cell covers in years.

Menards got mine last week. It was four years old.

I am happy to hear weekend-warrior’s info, above - but I won’t be peeling anything off until the warranty has expired.

How To RENEW CAR & TRUCK Batteries at Home & SAVE BIG MONEY! - YouTube
you might be interested in this for the future. I have not tried it yet but will on a old battery I have. just out of curiosity.

I watched portions of that video, not for me.
I look at it this way, biannual oil changes, around $100, replace a battery every four years, $25 per year. I drive a domestic truck and car, my dealer run a battery rebate every six month, that’s when I replace my battery, same or lower cost than other sources.
Beyond that Barkydog and Volvo-V70 offer good advice.
I lost faith in consumer reports after I followed their advice that the 4.0 SOHC offered little improvement over the 3.0 in a Ranger back in 2001, I went with the 3.0, later drove a 4.0, significantly more powerful.