2005 Honda Pilot - Battery Replacement

I am changing the battery on my 2005 Pilot for the first time. I was speaking to a mechanic a few years ago (when he suggested I get a new battery), and he said I needed to do something unique, which I cannot remember. Besides purchasing the correct battery (size/power) is there anything else I need to consider when installing it?

Maybe this is what he’s referring to.


In addition, before you replace it go to the auto parts store and get a device that plugs into your cigarette lighter and maintains the codes (usually uses a 9V battery). Here’s an example:

Great advice… I also saw mention of an “idle learn” procedure when changing the battery. maybe that is what I heard earlier?!?

So my next question: what is a good battery to purchase? The battery provided by Honda is a Delphi. I can’t complain about it (96,000 miles, and 5 years), but is there a better battery for the money? I’m thinking I will keep the vehicle for another 5 years (darn those kids and their college tuition payments, LOL)

I’ve done fine with the ones from WalMart, fairly cheap, reliable, and easily exchanged if there’s a problem.

I’ve not had good service from Walmart, Kmart style batteries. Most don’t come with any type of warranty, except the Die Hard at Kmart. I don’t recognize the names they carry, haven’t seen a Delco in years but they used to be pretty good.

I’ve used Deka brand batteries in my boat for many years and they’ve been very reliable. I recently purchased one for the wife’s Sienna and it comes with a warranty. There’s a time period where it’s replaced (6 months?) and then another one that’s pro-rated for a couple or 3 years.

Deka is usually sold at most farm stores. We have a Deka battery dealership in our city.

Honda and Toyota both have good brand name batteries, albeit pricey.

WalMart battery comes with excellent warranty, no questions on replacement.