Battery/electrical problems 1999 kia sportage

my kia was stolen and hotwired recently. Many electricval problems as a result. Car won’t start-has been running hot-what size/type battery does it take…and do I need to replace the starter (again!)? how do I check if the thermostat is kaput?

More info.Does it turn over?Do the lights work?
Any parts store,wal mart can tell you what battery it takes.
1st thing to do is clean ALL battery connections,both ends and look under coating of hot wire for crud.
If you drove it hot very much you may have head gasket leak,loss of compression.
When was the last tuneup done?
Do you do your own work?
Post back someone will help you.

If your car was stolen, then I would hope you had insurance on it and it was professionally repaired, or will be. Should this not be a problem for them, not you?