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2006 Kia Sportage busted top water hose

On my way home from work I noticed that my heater was blowing cold air. then I checked my gauges and noticed that the temp gauge was moving toward hot. pulled over on side of road car died on me. Husband pulled car home replaced top water hose. Now my car will not start. Please, Please any suggestions.

It’s hard to tell with the little info we have here. How long did you run the car with an overheated engine? If it just died it may be seized up. That means a new engine.

That’s your worst case. If it died for another reason it may not be toast.

Some years ago I blew a radiator hose on a city expressway. I drove 1/2 mile to the nearest exit where there happened to be a garage. They fixed everything and the car lasted another 6 years with no damage done.

That’s why we want to know how long you drove with the engine overheated, and how did yoru husband “pull” it home?

As mentioned above, it depends how long the engine was running in an overheated condition, and how much coolant was lost. I suspect some major engine damage has been done. Otherwise it should start and run as before upon fixing the hose and replacing the coolant. If this were my car the first thing I’d do is a compression test. And possibly a leak down test.

I seem to be full of stories today. Years ago I was driving my dad’s Ford truck down the freeway, a truck he was very proud of, when all of a sudden clouds of steam came up from under the hood, huge clouds of steam. I pulled off the freeway at the next exit, popped the hood, and the top radiator hose had completely given way, it was toast. And it wasn’t just any old rubber hose. It had complicated convolution to fit inside the engine. So wondering what to do, before cell phones, I look across the street and right there in my eyes, there’s an auto parts store! I walk across the street, 5 minutes later I walk out with the hose, install it, and on my way … simple as pie … and dad never knew about it … thank heavens! … whew!!! … lol …

When you say it won’t start, what do you mean? You turn the key and … (sounds, sights, etc.)

How did your husband determine that the issue lay with the top radiator hose? Did he check anything else? Such as the oil for a milky appearance?

If it was towed home with the drive wheels on the ground, look for a new transmission to go with that engine. Most vehicles don’t take being towed well

Is it possible that the ignition system got soaked with antifreeze?

The engine will turn over but just will not start. He checked the oil and said it was alright. Where can I get a compression test done and this leak down test. Thank you everyone for the advice already given.

Any shop can run a compression test. Most can do a leakdown test, but the compression test first will determine if there is a breach in the cylinders. Overheating leads to warped cylinder heads and blown head gaskets.

I’m still wondering how the top hose was diagnosed as the problem in the overheating.

How many miles are on this Kia and have the timing belt and water pump ever been changed? Which engine is in it (4 or 6 cylinder)? I believe its change interval is 60,000 miles - or probably 6 years.

Testing compression is very routine and if your husband got it home and changed the hose, then he may have the savvy to check compression himself. It just involves pulling out the spark plugs. It would be a lot easier in a 4 cylinder than a 6 cylinder. Auto parts stores have compression gauges in their loaner tool programs - you buy the tool, use it, and return it (usually within 90 days) for a full refund.

If the connector for the cam position sensor (CPM) or crankshaft position sensor (CPK) is located anywhere near the hose, I would pull and clean it.

The fact that it will turn over is a good sign. It means the engine is not seized.