Base price on a toyota sequoia



i don’t like the fact that toyota thinks they can sell you an suv with the base price of $35,000. stripped down sequoia with cloth, cd, and cheap wheels. bummer. But all of a sudden, “Hi. i work with toyota and would like to sell you a toyota sequoia for 52k!” now that’s stupid. If you like this, tell me why. If you don’t, please tell me why also. Because i know the only way your gonna find a brand new sequoia for 25k brand new is if you buy it as a square 5 inch cube of the transport truck!!!


I am completely and totally bewildered by this post. Someone help me, please!


this is what I think. tell me what you think.


They can knock $9000 off without a problem. Kinda makes you want to buy a used anything and fix it up a little.


I remember a time when if you wanted a four-by-four (that’s what we used to call SUV’s), you HAD to get one like that! Believe it or not, there are still people who buy SUV’s who actually need them and are not interested in them as a luxury good. I think it’s great that Toyota is still offering an affordable base model, but still allowing people who want to spend more for more features to do so.


This is the thirst post in the past week…that is total jibberish…what the H*LL is the OP trying to say.