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Getting a used '01 Toyota Sequoia up to date on maintenance

In Nov. '08 I purchased a used Toyota Sequoia with 88K miles. All Sequoia’s use a 4.7L V8. The body is perfect and I hope to keep the car another 10+ years with 5K to 10K miles per year. At times I will pull a trailer.

When I picked up the car the oil had been changed, new tires, and brakes recently done with 80% of pads left. I immediately consulted the manual and started a game plan to up date the maintenance.

I needed to install an electric brake controller. The local trailer shopes said Toyota’s are touchy and recommended using a Toyota dealer for this. With a few days I had the car in to Toyota for the controller.

I had Toyota perform a Wynn’s transmission flush and fill, put in a new air filter, and drain and refill the rear differential. The oil changed again at 92K.

Yesterday the timing belt was replaced along with the water pump, serpentine belt, and filled with fresh coolant. This was work done by a local garage, and I had him lube and torque the “propeller” something in the FWD, and drain and refill the front differential. He said the fluid drained look clear, and in very good shape. And reported all went well with timing belt job, no surprises.

I plan on changing the plugs today or tomorrow myself. In the manual I can’t find much about changing the fluid in the transfer case, but I figure to do that the next time the car is in a garage for service. It also dosen’t say when to change out the brake fluid. It has ABS, VSC, and Traction control all working properly.

Thoughts on fluids in Transfer Case and Brakes? Change soon or let them go for 5K to 10K miles? How about power steering fluid?

I plan to do oil changes myself once a year with full good quality synthetic oil. So visits to garage will be limited to items needing a pro for diagnosis and/or repair.

Looks like you did just about everything. This won’t effect the vehicle, but I would be willing to bet that there is a filter for the A/C as well.

Side question my mum’s 01 Tundra is due for a timing belt with same engine. What locale are you in and how much to replace?

I live in PA, in a small town called Lake Ariel. This is on the west end of Lake Wallenpaupack and about 25 miles east of Scranton, PA just off I-84.

The timing belt job was $590 plus tax. With the differential drain/refill, and the greasing of drive shafts and propeller nut retorgue it came to $670 with tax included. It appears the shop did a very good job, all hoses back in place, no leaks, and test run demonstrates same power as before the job.

If you happen to live near me, I can give you the name of the shop.