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Used SUV Recommendation

I have driven a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser for the past 11 years and recently sold it. I am in the market for a low mileage used SUV. My budget is $30,000. What make and models should I consider?

I’d go for something 1 - 2 years old, original owner, all service records, full pre-purchase inspection. My short list:

Honda CRV
Toyota RAV4
Subaru Outback/Forester
Hyundai Santa Fe/Tuscon
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Try them all and buy what fits you best.


PS: just kidding about the last one.

What size? If you needed a Land Cruiser, then a Sequoia would work. If you can use something smaller, see TT’s recommendations above.

I’m looking for the next size larger SUV. Recommendations ranked in order of your preference! Thanks.

I am looking for the next size larger SUV such as the Sequoia, although I’d like something other than Toyota. Your recommendations ranked in order of your preference would be appreciated! Thanks

Do you plan on towing. off road etc ? A truck based would be better. Otherwise, a Pilot or Highlander and comparable car based sizes from from GM and Ford should more than fit the bill. For $30K you could get a quite recent one.
There isn’t much out there in truck based that can perform on road as well as car based Suvs other than the big ones like Expeditions and Sequoia and the like.

I bought a used '01 Sequoia and it is great. Owned it 2 years, 89K miles when I got it and 117K now. No issues at all. Not sure why you don’t want Toyota, but I think the Sequoia is a very well made SUV. If not Toyota, I guess I’d go with a Ford, they have all sizes of SUV’s.

Many thanks!

Minimal towing and off roading. Thanks for recommendations!

In that case… the Pilot can do light off road and rated for 4500 lbs tow cap, and is more robust than the Highlander and my first recommendation. It is very roomy with 3rd row seats available. The next two recommendations are the 03 to 09 4Runner or the Nissan Pathfinder of any recent year.

Got it!!! Thanks!!!

dagosa’s recommendations are all smaller than the Sequoia. If you want a full-size SUV, look at a 2008/2009 Chevy Tahoe. You can get a 2WD 2008 LT with 3rd row, universal remote, and sunroof for less than $27,000 from a dealer. Even a 2009 2WD LT1 is still under $30,000 at the dealer.

I was hung up on the “I’m looking for the next size larger SUV.” from the compact SUVs listed comment by OP which would include the Pilot…with your good suggestion of the Tahoe, it’s all covered. My thinking is that the Pilot, though 700lbs lighter than his Land Cruiser, has as good if not better accommodations and with little towing involved, is a worthwhile tryout at well over 20 mpgs highway.