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Bargains on the Chrysler and Dodge car lots?

In case anyone did not see the coverage on today’s news programs, Chrysler announced a new round of job cuts, and they also announced that the Dodge Durango, the Chrysler Pacifica, and the Chrysler PT Cruiser will be discontinued, effective…right away.

While I would not want any of these models, for anyone looking for a bargain on a new vehicle, these may be worth looking at!

Zangara Dodge in Albuquerque just closed. New and used vehicle inventory is stuck on the lot because of Chrysler’s financing snafu. No deals at all, there, right now till further notice.

“I would not any one of these models” pretty much says it all. Thanks, VDCdriver, you’ve summed up Chrysler’s problems in just eight words.

But then…there were initially plenty of Yugo and Fiat Strata buyers. Personal experience is bad…but if it’s cheap enough (free ?) and you have an independent you can trust, or it just needs to get through 4 years of college, some might go for it.

You do make a good point, especially when Dagosa’s point is added that there are folks out there looking for something dirt-cheap to get them by a limited timeframe…a “throw away” car. Those were the Yugo people.

For trivea’s sake, there was a really campy but good movie, “Drowning Mona”, that used Yugos for all the cars including the cop car.


Isn’t that spelled F. I. A T.?

An omen of the future…