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R & R of balljoints

How do I replace the balljoints on a 97 Ford Taurus?

Chances are, you will need to remove the lower suspension arm and press out the old one with a shop press. You will also need snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring that retains the ball joint in the socket. To install the new one, you will need to press it in, and secure it with the snap ring.

The ball joint is an intergal part of the steering knuckle. So if the ball joint fails, the steering knuckle requires replacement.


How do I replace the balljoints on a 97 Ford Taurus?

You take it to a front-end specialist and say “Please replace the ball joints”. As Tester mentioned, this will not be cheap. Sounds like struts and wheel bearings might be included in this package…

With most FWD cars this is not an easy backyard mechanic job. Some ball joints are part of the control ar and you have to replace that as well. If you have never worked with suspention components I would not attempt it.

Older and RWD vehicles you could do a lot of the removal with a pickle fork:

I disagree, don’t you mean the b/j is a part of the control arm?

If you do not have any hands on knowledge doing suspension work I suggest you take it to a shop.
Otherwise there should be a tool that can press the joints on and off. I have sold hundreds of them OTC #7249 ( Owatonna Tool Company). Some b/joints are riveted on, cuts the rivets and bolt them in.

Nope. On this year Taurus the ball joint is part of the steering knuckle. On earlier models the ball joint was part of the lower control arm.


This article states that the ball joint is an integral part of the steering knuckle: But, for some integral ball joints, on some cars, some aftermarket parts makers have made replacements that you rivet into place. Check with your supplier.

Well? It’s easy to find out. Call two or three parts stores and ask if they list just the ball joints for this vehicle. If they don’t, you have to pretty much figure the knuckle requires replacement.