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Bad Vibrations

My favorite girl has a 1996 Voyager van with 160K that has a vibration she can feel through the brake pedal. It oonly occurs between 50 and 60 mph. She has had the driveline replaced. Before that her transmission guy and tune-up guy each said it was the others fault. We can’t figure this out. Please help.

Clarify something first. Is this vibration present only when the brake pedal is applied?

If the transmission guy and a tune-up guy have both blamed the other, maybe you should tell us why. What work had each done before the problem started? How long before the problem started was the work done? What does each guy say the other did wrong? Who suggested the driveline? Could this be snow related? Does it do it every time? Does it have ABS braking?

The most likely case if this occurs when she applies the brakes then is the rotors are warped and need replacement. Tune up nor transmission have nothing to do with warped rotors.

more info.

do you mean that when driving along at 50 60 there is a vibe?

or when you apply the brakes between 50 and 60 there is a vibe?

how long has this been happening?

when did it get new tires last? how many miles on these?

and when was the last front brake job?