Brake vibration 2004 Camry

My 2004 Camry LX 4 cyl. with anti-lock brakes has a very noticeable vibration in the brake pedal and steering wheel. It seems to happen especially after a few applications of the pedal and is particularly noticeable at highway speeds. I’ve had the rotors and drums changed and the wheels balanced. The rotors are within specs and the drums were changed twice because the problem didn’t go away the first time. My mechanic now suggests changing the pads (they were not changed when the new rotors were put in as they had plenty of material left on them- but they do have cracks) and/or changing the master cylinder. This seems like trial and error. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thank you for your help

There are times when a piece meal approach does not work. I think you need a new brake mechanic. It sounds like your car has disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear, The vibration you are feeling is probably from the disk brakes on the front, and new rotors, pads and check the calipers is the place to start. You have already spent the money on a partial repair, but the job has not been successful. The master cylander is not in question at this point.

As waterboy suggests, whomever this mechanic is you should run away - now. Unless there’s more to your story, there is no reason to think that you have a master cylinder problem.

What you need right now is a good front end shop to give everything there a good once over. While brake vibration often comes from rotors and drums it can also come from bad front end parts - like wheel bearings, tie rods, etc. Find a place that specializes in front end/alignment work and have them assess it.

I’m in agreement that you may need another mechanic. Not only should you not reuse brake pads during a proper repair but the master cylinder diagnosis is a bit far-fetched.

Hopefully the caliper slides were serviced (probably not from the sound of things) but a binding caliper could cause something like this and I also agree with cigroller that something in the suspension or a loose wheel bearing could cause this problem.
A brake shudder is not always caused by a brake component.

Thank you. I will do that. -Howard