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Bad Starter or did I get ripped off?

I took my car in for a general tune-up and to have a gasket replaced because it was leaking oil. It started up fine before and the only problem was that it would drive really slow when I went from a standstill to pressing the gas (down to the floor) - then it would kick in and drive fine. 3 days later the car won’t start at all (it makes a high-pitched whining/screeching noise) and the mechanic is telling me it’s a bad starter. Does that sound right? I brought it in working and now I have no car. I paid them $400 for the tune-up and to fix the oil leak. Does it sound like it might be a problem with a fuel line/filter/pump or something instead? Help!

My starter and the starter in my dad’s car just went over the past month. When they went there was no sound, you turned the key and nothing at all, so screach no crank no nothing.

It sounds like a bad starter that isn’t engaging properly. You didn’t mention WHICH gasket was changed, so it’s hard to tell if the work that was done could have affected the starter, but it really sounds like just a bad coincidence.