93 Saturn Won't Start, Loud Noise When Cranked


I’m trying to diagnose the problem I started experiencing this morning when trying to get to work. I got into my car, turned the key, heard the starter click, then a loud screeching noise started. It almost sounded like if you try to start an already running engine - except the engine isn’t on.

All the lights and radio are on, I have just over a 1/4 tank of gas - help?

Starter is coming loose from the engine. (not too likely)
Starter/solenoid is faulty.
Flywheel gear on engine is damaged.

Don’t try to start it anymore before doing repairs, you are causing additional damage.

I’ve only done it twice (once to confirm) so hopefully nothing’s too badly damaged by me. Thank you!

Yes, one hopes so. I suspect that the best case would be that you just need a new starter.