Car starting problem - just got new starter

On 2 not-consecutive occasions my car did not start when I turned the key, nothing lit up, and I assumed it was the battery. (it did start a few times after the first no-start scare) After taking it in, they told me my starter was “freezing up” and so I had them replace it. (this is not temperature related I live in miami) They also said they checked engine, and my battery is fine… Now, with the new starter, every time I start the car there is a noise like the speakers are blowing out (radio is not on), sounds kind of like when you plug in a mic that is already on. Also, car began having a LOT of trouble starting, usually sounds like it’s choking and takes a long time to start or doesn’t start. WHAT DID they do!?!

Year, ,ileage, and brief history of the car please.
Also, what kind of shop did you take it to? A quickie lube? A dealer? A legit shop?

First, I’d have it towed back to where it was worked on…unless it was a quickie lube…amd demand that they repair it properly. I say have it towed because that crackling you heard just might be arcing to groud. A better decription could make me change my mind. But you’re better to pay the tow than risk a serious problem happening.

Chances are that the starter was not installed (shimmed) correctly. But while I know you’re doing your best to describe it and sounds are really difficult to articulate, I’m having difficulty interpreting it. I’m guessing that the starter is incorrectly engaging the flywheel and/or is “cocked” off at an angle. Damage may have alreadu occurred (or already have been) to the flywheel ring gear. That damage could have been the result of a bad Bendix assembly and may be the cause of the old one seizing. If the starter gear cannot or does not retract after the engine fires up, the engine spins the starter along constantly at high speed and can cause the bearings to seize. The Bendiz assembly is basically the solenoid and lever assembly that disengages the starter from the flywheel after starting and opens the electrical contacts.

There’s also an outside chance that your idnition switch is keeping the “start” circuit constantly engaged when you release the ksy and that’s the root cause of the problem.

Whatever, they should have fixed it correctly and made sure it was working right.