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Bad Roter making windows not work?

We have a 91 totota camry w/ 187,000k whose roter has failed. Before the failure our power windows were tempermental(if they wouldn’t go down you had to close the
door a couple of times then they would work.) If the roter/cap are replaced will that fix the window issue? What would we expect a roter repair w/labor
to cost? Thanks for information.

A failing distributor rotor would not cause your power windows to fail, any more than digging a hole in your yard could cause your roof to leak. Think about it… they are entirely separate systems. Symptoms of a bad distributor rotor would be a rough idle, poor performance, your engine missing on one or more cylinders, or possibly not starting at all. If you are even slightly mechanically inclined, you can probably change it yourself in about 15 minutes. Other than that I would expect a maximum of one hour labor plus maybe $10 for the part at an honest garage.

If you have to slam the door a couple times to make your windows work, I would be looking for a loose connection in the door or wiring that goes to the door.

No the failed rotor will not affect the windows, but a bad muffler might.

If the rotor failed, your engine would not run, is that the case with you?

I think he means window regulator?

You can probably replace that rotor and cap yourself. All you have to do is pull each wire off the old cap and put them in the same position on the new cap. The rotor usually just pulls up to remove it. It usually has a flat spot on the rotor shaft so the new one just pops right on.
Five minutes worth of work. Cheap.

The window, that’s a different story but like already mentioned: probably just a bad contact.

I have to agree with those that suspect a problem with the terms.
To the OP: by “roter” do you mean a part of the window system that opens the wnidow when the button is pressed, or do you mean an engine part?

If you mean a window part, which ia what I suspect, than I strongly suspect that you have a broken wire in the harness where the harness goes between the unibody and the door…exactly as I had in my own 1991 Camry. Breaking into the harness and repairing this takes a multimeter with pin probes, a schematic, and some insulated wire splices, harness tie, and wire wrap. It also takes some tools and an “exploded view” drawing to remove the door panel to access the wiring. An automotive electric shop can fix this for probably about $200. This is a very common problem on aging cars.

Well, the OP said he had to close the door a couple of times. this could mean a bad ground in the wiring somewhere.

Lf the OP meant window regulator why would he have said “rotor/cap” ?

It hardly matters… I doubt we’ll hear from the OP again.

He didn’t say “rotor”…he said “roter”.
I guess we’ll never really know. I suspect that Oblivion is right. He’s left the building.

I had to read it twice.

As a software engineer…I read it very quickly…

And read it as…

Bad “Router” making “MS Windows” not working.

Then read it again correctly.

A bad router could make Make MS Windows fail, you are right.


I can’t even find roter in the dictionary.

I can’t even find my dictionary!