Went to a Subway for lunch. Parked right next to a hdcp spot. When I came out this woman had pulled into the HDCP spot at an angle so that the rear of her car was blocking me from exiting…she did NOT have a HDCP plate or sticker…In other words…she was NOT handicapped. When she came out of dry cleaners she was in…she’s on her cell phone and for a minute stood by her car talking on her phone. Finally I interrupted her and asked her to move her car. She got all upset…and said…“I’m sick of people telling me how to park. If you don’t like it…go f*ck yourself.” What a rude moron. Finally she hung up and moved her car…pealing out of the parking lot almost hitting a car on the way out. She was the rudest driver I ever met…and trust me I’ve met some rude ones before…especially working in MA. If I didn’t have a 12:30 meeting I would have decked her.

I’d have just called the local police. They love giving tickets for parking illegally in a handicap space. Instant revenue generation.

Ah, Princess Charming!

By the time they got there she would have been long gone. They can’t/won’t give tickets for this unless they witness the illegal act.

Consider your good fortune. You only had to tolerate her for a few minutes. Some folks actually have to put up with her every day!

You did the right thing asking her to move. However, that’s the response that should be expected. People who park in handicap spots cannot be expected to be considerate. They’ve already proved they aren’t.

The thought of being married to something like that sends chills down my back. Having to wake up to that every day…I’d KILL myself within a week. I pity her husband.

What got me…was that she said she’s sick of people telling her how to park…Like it’s happened before…she is just way too important.

People like the woman you encountered suffer from a disease called “Jungle Syndrome”. A person who has Jungle Syndrome think that because he/she smells like ape manure that he/she is Tarzan. I don’t think a cure has been discovered for this disease.

Too late now but I say COPS A.S.A.P. If you got her plate number turn her in to a “drunk busters hotline” or similar in your area…and have every one you know turn her in too…just to razz her but !!!

When I worked as a security guard in Ottawa, the Ottawa Police were always quick to ticket illegal parkers - response time was never more than about 5 minutes.

You’ll see her car again; probably at self-same Subway, Walmart, Costco, mall. …illegally parked, of course. THEN, call the police. Lie. Tell them that you are a hdcp person, and you can’t get into the hacp parking because of her car. Don’t TRUELY ID yourself. [This is a CAR forum answering car questions, which your question is.]

She defintely proved to you she was handicapped; between the ears!

A frined of mine had to put up with someone moving to the head of the line in a supermarket. Her excuse; “I’m in a hurry because I’m parked in a Handicap Zone”.

When I pull in to the lot with my step-mom in her lift outfitted van and there’s an un-authorized parker where we need to be, THAT’S where I park ! Dead-on behind them. they’re going nowhere till the cops are done with them.

“I’m in a hurry because I’m parked in a Handicap Zone”.

That’s priceless.

Many many years ago when the HDCP parking was first implemented in NY…a friend of mine was in a wheelchair. He would leave anyone parking in those spots a nasty message…SPRAY PAINTED TO THE SIDE OF THEIR CAR. Got caught one time…and the police arrested him. Judge fined him $1 and fined the owner of the car $500 for illegal parking. SOMETIMES justice is served.

I suppose a more priceless thing would be to park right next to them and have the ramp that comes out of the van scrape the side of their car all up. Let them call the cops about THAT! :stuck_out_tongue:
Love Mike’s story as well.

My own form of parking “justice” was when I was at walmart in my Chevelle, had a “4-spot-Charlie”(the one that takes their vehicle and parks in 2 spaces or more at once). I back into one of the spots(where most of his truck was parked) in front of the truck. As I’m backing up, the guy comes out, hops in his truck and backs out of his spots. I probably wouldn’t have done this in my Civic as I knew he wouldn’t dare run into the 'Velle, but might try to run over my Civic.


It’s too bad that you had to endure that inconsiderate, self-centered a**hole of a woman. Unfortunately, those people are out there, but as you said–just be glad that you’re not married to her!

That type of experience helps to illustrate one of my favorite sayings:

The more people I meet, the more I like my dog!

Not if you let the air out of one of her tires, but before she got there he did not know what a jerk she is.

That’s why I stay aware from Subway, Walmart, Costco, etc. Seems to attract the loonies.

That reminds me of and exchange that is probably falsely attributed to Lady Astor and Winston Churchill:

Lady Astor: "Winston, if you were my husband I would flavour your coffee with poison"
Churchill: “Madam, if I were your husband, I should drink it”

You all should appreciate the fact that you aren’t a pizza delivery driver working at a store located in a shopping center with a parking lot that is entirely too small, and this sort of thing is a regular, everyday occurrence.

Not only do non-handicapped people park in the handicap spots, but many seem to think that the lined-out spots next to the handicap ones (meant to leave enough space for a wheelchair user) are also parking spaces, and will park in them while there is a legitimate handicap vehicle using a space. Of course, it’s okay because there’s a dry cleaners right next to my pizza shop, and a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins next to that. They’ll only be a minute picking up their suit or their latte, so there’s nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all.