Bad odor in new car

I recall reading your recent discussion on a radio show about a car with a bad odor which was caused by some critter crawling into some part of the car & dying. Need to know the how to get rid of this odor.

Brand new? Like just off the lot? Take it back.

If not…

If there is a critter still in the ductwork (or not), dismantling the dash and cleaning the ductwork and vents is the only sure fire method of totally eliminating the odour.

There are sprays on the market that claim to get rid of odour but IMHO do not.

Before you start taking things apart find out where the odor is coming from. If it’s not coming from the vents there’s no need to disassemble them.

Start taking stuff apart after trying to narrow down the general area. I’ve had bad odors AFTER getting detailed. Turns out they were using old cleaning water and the the residual dampness contained old matter that that spoiled after the cleaning and reeked. I took it back and made them re-clean the carpets.
If it’s in the a/c area or trunk it could be animal related.
Did someone throw up in there before you got it ?