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2014 Buick Regal - Dead animal odor

I have a dead animal odor I can’t get rid of. My dealer replaced the cabin air filter and searched inside and outside for a dead animal I went thru a car wash several times. It smells the worst before I start in and then gradually goes awy until before the next time I( start it.Any suggestions?

I really don’t know if this will help. There might be something in the AC condensation tray. You might try backflushing the tray with white vinegar.
The only other thing I might try, probably only temporarily help, place containers of baking soda in the car.

A body shop might know the nooks and crannies better than anyone. Keep looking, or pay someone to do it. In the long run, time and nature are on your side, but for now you’d like to enjoy your vehicle!

Inspection scopes have gotten quite cheap on Amazon, so you could buy one to examine your ventilation ducts and other hidden parts of your car.

If you put a cat or dog in the car, does it go for any particular part of the car?

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I had a similar experience with my 2013 Equinox, here’s what I did.

Ed B.