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Foul vent odor

when I put my air conditioner on in my car (I live in Fl. so it is always on) old cigarette & mold smells come blowing out and makes my clothes stink. Is there any way to clean them out and stop the smells from coming out?

We’re talking Lestoil injection system here. You might talk to a detailer. I don’t know where the blower motor is located, but if it comes out easily, you might be able to get debris out of the ductwork if there is any.

you could try spraying lysol into the outside air intake with the blower on/ac on and in the fresh air mode…you should smell the lysol inside the car… do it several times…should work

 It could also be a collection of leaves etc under those vents in front of the windscreen.

What kind of car?