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Bad news for a lot of Jaguar-Land Rover employees

Well the good news is that the electrics will have less oil to drip on the floor.

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That makes no sense at all. You don’t reduce workforce to rush to introduce MORE technology you don’t already have. It takes staff to design and develop that new technology.

You DO reduce the workforce when your sales have slumped to the point you no longer need them to build the cars no one is buying.

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I agree, but if the Indian company (Tata) that owns Jaguar-Land Rover is trying to “save face”, I guess that they can try to get away with that type of “reasoning”. They probably think that it is better to try to sell that farce, rather than to be honest and admit that their flawed vehicles are not selling in sufficient numbers.

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I agree… Tata isn’t the only company that makes those kind of “huh??” statements. GM did it as well when they announced their big layoffs. Corporate Speak to placate the masses of stockholders.

Are you telling us that the hierarchy in massive corporations can be… less than honest?
I’m… shocked, just as Major Renault was “shocked”!


As played by Carlos Ghosn… :joy:

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Jaguar/Land Rover made a big move into diesels, right as the rug was being pulled out from under the diesel market. Whoops!

Just because the corporatus are paid a lot of money doesn’t mean they are smart or have good instincts. Not to mention the Kmart/Sears merger again.


Cut out diesel manufacturing and the cars, and it isn’t hard to imagine the JLR can get along with 4500 fewer employees. They might also decide to do more work outside the U.K. There will be no advantage in EU sales soon by manufacturing in the U.K.