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Bad Instrument Panel Cluster

I have a 2004 GMC Envoy, and am wondering why GMC has recalled all instrument clusters on every model except the Envoy. Is it not the same defective part that GM won a 100 million dollar lawsuit from Delphi who also had to replace 1.1 million electronic parts? Or did GM put some other crappy part in that has the same issues? I have tried to get an answer from GM but all I get is some peeon who is so far down the food chain all he can say is “there’s nothing I can do”. I asked for numbers of people who can “DO” something and the peeons don’t have them, all they have is a PO Box. I know there are other people out there who have or have had the same issue with the Envoy and spent hundreds of dollars getting it fixed when GM won millions of dollars to replace them. Why is GM not recalling the Envoy?

I often wonder what motivated GM to exclude vehicles that seem to qualify for the DexCool settlement.

But I don’t have a answer to your question,only more questions for GM