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03 Bonneville instrument cluster going bad

the guages in the cluster are going bad one after the other. Not stopping but going crazy like needles reading 180 degrees opposite the numbers on the guage. Is it bad panel or computer?

How Many Miles On It ? Recent advice On This Site Suggests That Some GM Models May Have An 80,000 mile Extended Warranty On Clusters. I Don’t Know About Age.

The 80k coverage is only on GM full size trucks.

Check All Pertinent Wiring Connectors, First.

That’s what a GM service bulletin recommends. There might be a loose connection or ground problem.

I have the same problem. Mine is a GXP 2004.
The dealer charges me $500 and takes a week.
I removed it to check it and it only takes 30 mins.
Is there somewhere we can buy it for a cheaper price ? Did you resolve yours ?