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Squeaky Brakes

06 Honda CRV - new brakes/rotors - at
Firestone…brakes squeak. Firestone replaced them with “new ones” - they squeak. Parts most likely purchased at NAPA. Are they likely a cheaper brand…should I try replacing them with a better grade? Thank you!

Brake squeak is normally caused by a vibration between the pad and the caliper.

Did Firestone replace your brake hardware when they did your brakes? There are normally clips or shims that wear out over time which may be causing your squeak.

I am just wondering if the place that did your brakes didn’t add that stuff on the back of the pads which helps prevent squeaking or squealing. It helps cut out that vibration between the pad & the caliper. Can’t remember the name of that stuff.

Disc Brake Quiet. Ooey and gooey and works great. Shims are the best but this stuff is great. I have used it for over 10 years and it has never let me down.

And if the Brake Quiet does not work (rare) there is another CRC spray-can product called “No-Squeek” or 'Never Squeal", something like that, that is sprayed on the rotors and allowed to dry. The during the first few stops, this material burnishes and beds in the pads and rotors…Solves lots of problems.

NAPA supplies high-quality, professional-grade parts…