Backup camera exclamation, what should I check

Not my vehicle so I don’t even know where to start. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado, this just started appearing when reverse is engaged. What could be the issue? Thanks

This issue–whatever its cause might be–is clearly a warranty-related problem.
Any attempt by you, or by anyone other than the dealership’s service department could lead to voiding of the warranty coverage.

Have your friend make an appointment with the service department, and allow them to rectify the problem.


Trip to dealer, should be under warranty.

Should be?
Unless the truck’s owner drove around the world a few times already, it IS under warranty coverage.

:laughing: Yeah but you never know.

That would be one helluva road trip in a really quick period of time! :laughing:

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A damaged or missing tailgate won’t be covered by the warranty.

Is the tailgate up and latched?

It could be dirt or something on the sensor. Trailer ball might set it off.

Let’s keep it simple, guys. @andyrt0910_151205, tell your friend to take it to the dealer for a warranty inspection. Let us know if there are any complications after the dealer diagnosis.


There’s no signal from the camera. Either a wiring issue or the camera itself has failed. Neither is the owner’s problem since it’s under warranty.