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Backing bang chrysler T&C

I have 98 AWD T&C 3.8 lit there is 141242 miles and I take good care of all 4 of my cars. there is a bang when backing and really loud bang coming form the back of the only does this when on pavement and the wheel cranked all the way.I’ve only owned it for a year. I was thinking about pulling the side off the diff to see what i could see if there is any stripped gears. any help would be great thanks seth

Hmm …memory search is having some small spike in recognition …(thinking)

Doesn’t this have some intermediate coupling that allows interaxle differential? Sounds like yours is not functional …at least in reverse and at least in conditions of extreme front:rear wheel speed differences (at full lock on steering).

It sounds like you’re binding up (both axles locked together).

Just a guess, but test the u-joints first. More likely, easier and cheaper. You will have to remove them to see if they are any good.

I have checked all the cvds and all are tight I did have to replace an axle in the back when I first got the van. I did also put a split boot on the cvd just coming out of the fransfer case. The inner rubber was torn but still seem in good condistion. I have not yet changed any fuilds yet in the transfer case or the diff? What is a good way to trouble shoot this problem, is there any test with a volt meter or any thing to unplug, I like getting my hands dirty . Thanks for the replys. Seth

I have to admit that I am not really familiar with the workings of the AWD system on this particular model, but–in general–if I had this symptom on an AWD vehicle, I would take a look at the center differential/clutch pack/viscous coupler that distributes power to the rear wheels, simply because the symptoms that you report are a perfect description of “torque bind”.

Has the vehicle ever been run for more than…let’s say…30 miles with a temporary spare tire? Have the tires always been rotated on a regular basis, such as every 5k or every 7.5k miles? Does it currently have, or has it ever had, a set of tires that were not matched as to size, brand, or tread depth?

I bought it from a guy in town who was the only owner,he had studed snows . I bought a new set of 4 tires and the right size knowing they needed to be all the same.

If there is a problem with the ceter diff/clutch can that be repaired by removing it and fixing the inside of it or Is it a sealed unit and it all has to be replaced? Thanks Seth