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Loud bang in Reverse, Ticking noise when idle in Drive

1999 Chrysler Town & Country LTD (AWD) 3.8L.

When i throw her in reverse, there’s a very loud and hard bang, makes no difference from park, neutral, or drive. Also, when i’m in Drive, standing still, i have this strange ticking noise coming from what sounds like the right side of the engine. the noise is consistent and rhythmic, and it goes away when i start moving.

Any ideas? I appreciate it

Check the motor mounts. The mounts can become so loose that the drive shafts pull out of the transmission. Be careful.

Thank you very much. i will check the mounts first chance i get. i remember i replaced 2 mounts couple years ago, this could be mount number 3. i did go to a transmission shop couple months ago, about the loud bang problem. the guy said the bang is coming from the All Wheel Drive Unit. it’s a slight defect, but nothing that’s going to cause me problems in the long run. does any of that make sense?

Thanks again, i appreciate it.