300 C (Hemi) Transmission concern/problem



Hi group ? Can anyone help or has anyone had this problem? - My Chrysler 300 C Hemi has a problem with the transmission, or at least the problem seems to be in the transmission. When backing up in reverse and then dropping it into drive and taking off a little quick, not “Hot Roding,” the transmission will bang or thump real quick 3 or 4 times before it will grab and take off. If you stop when backing up and drop it in drive real slow, and wait just a second there is no problem.

My brother-n-law, who has the same vehicle, told me he had that exact problem and there was a re-call on it, and he no longer has the problem. I have contacted my dealer service center (I haven’t had to vehicle to them) and they tell me there is no recall on the transmission, but there is a new software download they can do.

I’m supposed to bring it in soon and they will look at it, but I would really like to know if any of you folks have had the same problem I just described, and if so do you know what the problem was and how it was fixed?

The vehicle has about 4K on it presently, but the problem existed since it was new, I just didn?t recognize it as a fault until I had driven a couple thousand miles away from home, and a couple thousand back.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.



This transmission is heavily computer driven with shift commands, fill pressure, release pressure, and line pressure electronically controlled. A software update may cure the problem. Also some transmission computers get confused when the style of driving changes, i.e. all highway versus all city versus all mountain. The learned personality gets to conflicting with a different driving enviornment.

Sorry I can’t help more. Maybe Transman will reply.


I checked on the NHTSA web site and there are no recalls on this Transmission. There are several Technical Services Bulletins on “Transmission Studders” for this vehicle that may require a computer reflash. Get the down to your dealer to fix this.


I’m sorry I posted this and then ran off, but have been gone for a few un-expected days. Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it.

Actually I’m more embrassed about this problem than anything. It seems the dealer tells me there is nothing wrong with the car, it is my driving style that is the problem. They tell me that I have to wait a “second” after I put the car in drive before I can take off. As your replies state this transmission is all electronically controlled. I was beating the process and the tranny wasn’t fully engaged. I am use to solid linkage and this car does not have it. I should have numbed up because my wife had never had this problem just me. Another “senior momment.” Thanks again folks!